Yoga – Can You Really Do it on a Bed of Nails?
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Yoga – Can You Really Do it on a Bed of Nails?

The Acupressure mat likewise called Shakti Mat can likewise be utilized as an apparatus to develop your yoga practice. Trial with your mat to see which presents you can perform, beginning with the fundamental routine laid out beneath.

You may wish to put a meager material over the pressure point massage mat to make a portion of the stances more agreeable to hold. As you become used to holding presents on the mat, you can perform them straightforwardly on the spikes.

How about we start our energy boosting, meridian clearing Acupressure mat yoga schedule.


Step onto your Acupressure mat, bringing down your weight equally onto the pressure point massage spikes. Breathe in and on the breathe out stand up tall. Equilibrium your weight equally across the balls and impact points of your feet. Fold the pelvis under and move the shoulders back and down. Take five profound, even breaths. From here, we will move into our next present.

Uttanansana - Standing Forward Bend

Breathe in the arms up over your head. Breathe out and twist advances from the hips, carrying the hands to the mat. Breathe in as you gaze upward and stretch through the spine at that point breathe out your head down. Stay here for a couple of breaths at that point gradually breathe in back up to standing.

Vrksasana - Tree

Ground down through your left foot, discovering your equilibrium. Acupressure mat with pillow Breathe in the correct advantage, carrying the correct foot to an agreeable position some place along within the left leg, or down the middle lotus on the off chance that you are progressed. At the point when you feel adjusted here, breathe in your arms up over your head into petition position and spotlight on a point on the floor before your pressure point massage mat. Stay here however long is agreeable.

To emerge from Tree present, breathe in and on the breathe out cut the arms down, delivering the correct foot down to the Acupressure mat. Rehash on the opposite side.

Pascmottinasana - Seated Forward Bend

Sit up tall on your mat with the legs straight out before you, extending the spine. On a breathe out, twist forward from the hips, drawing your head towards your legs. Keep the back straight, spine long, Place the hands on the legs or, in the event that you can come to, the feet.

Attract the head nearer to the legs with each breathe out. Feel the spikes of the pressure point massage mat invigorating the meridians along the backs of your legs as you draw further into the posture. Breathe in to return up.

Salabasana - Locust

Lie with your lower mid-region on the spikes of the mat. The legs are straight out behind you, arms by your sides, jaw upheld on the floor. Breathe in and lift the legs, arms and jawline off the floor, holding the posture insofar as is agreeable. Breathe out down and rehash for three sets.

Proceed from here into Dhanurasana, bow present. To complete this daily practice, return onto your, shaking in reverse and advances on the mat, at that point play out your number one spinal contort and come into Savasana, carcass present for unwinding and reflection.

The writing is on the wall, a fundamental brief yoga routine to use with your Acupressure or Shakti Mat. How awesome do you feel after that? The energy is throbbing through your meridians, animating and stimulating your body and psyche. Expand on this daily schedule by progressively including your number one postures and when you're prepared to build the power of the training, take off the material to play out the stances straightforwardly on the spikes.

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