Europeans Teams – Interesting Facts
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Europeans Teams – Interesting Facts


Did you know-The host nation's group set first at the VII Olympic Games in the mid 1920s. From that point forward, Belgium turned into the fourth European group to win the global title. The public crew won every one of its matches. In the gold-award game, the nearby group crushed Czechoslovakia 2-0. 52 years on, Belgium, the host country, came third in the European Championship.


Did you know-Competing in its first Olympic Tournament in 1908, Denmark put second in London (England), in front of the host country. By 1912, the Danish Olympic group additionally won the silver award in Stockholm, Sweden, outperforming the Netherlands, Finland, Russia, Norway, and Finland. In the semi-finals, Denmark directed Holland 4-1. In the gold award match, Denmark lost to Britain 4-2.

Estonia and Lithuania

Did you know-Estonia and Lithuania - both were Soviet republics from the 1940s to the 1990s-เว็บพนันเปิดใหม่ - sent public groups to the VIII Olympics in Europe. Notwithstanding, in the first round, they were beaten by America and Switzerland.


Did you know-Like Brazil, Argentina, Germany and Italy, the public group of France was one of the top choices to win the 2002 World Championship in Asia, however the European crew was dispensed with in the semi-finals. Surely France disillusioned fans by completing 28th. On July 12, 1998, it - have country- - won the men's football World Tournament, crushing Brazil 3-0. Indeed, the French crew played probably the best matches of its set of experiences. It was the principal World Cup triumph for France.


Did you know-In the XII FIFA World Championship in Spain, between June 13 and July 11, 1982, Italy attached with Cameroon 1-1, however it won the worldwide occasion. In the last, the Italian squad,led by Paolo Rossi, crushed West Germany 3-1. During the general competition, Mr Rossi scored six objectives.

The Netherlands

Did you know-The Dutch men's football crew contended in the Summer Games for the subsequent time. At the VI Olympic Games, the public group crushed 9-0 Finland. The Dutch crew completed third and won the bronze decoration.

Joined Kingdom and France

Did you know-By the mid 1900, the public crew of the United Kingdom won the First Olympic Tournament in Paris, France. Then, the nearby group was second place and won the silver award.

West Germany (presently Germany)

Did you know-By the mid 1970s, the Olympic Football Tournament occurred without Italy, Great Britain, Holland, Argentina, and Uruguay. The champ was Poland, trailed by Hungary (silver award) and the German Democratic Republic (bronze decoration).

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