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i've replayed Sunday's game more than one times in my head, and on my television. As I mentioned yesterday, a few losses are harder to swallow then others. Sunday's loss changed into the primary that left me incapacitated for the next 15 hours because the NFC Championship. (sure, there is simply a correlation. In fact, the sport changed into almost equal.)

it's truthful to mention the Eagle offense were given off to a slow start, however by means of the second sector they found a groove and were almost unstoppable. They moved the ball at will against the San Diego protection. lamentably, the Eagles' first 3 drives into the pink area absolutely stalled. i am now not going to provide an excessive amount of credit to the Charger protection right here. The Eagles have been more often than not in charge.

On their first journey, the Eagles gave the ball to fullback Leonard Weaver with out a success on 1st down. Then they tried to throw it in on 2nd. On third down, they gave the ball to 1/3 string lower back, Eldra Buckley, who was also denied the endzone. I totally support giving the run game attempts to get the ball across the intention line. however, why become Brian Westbrook now not given an opportunity? Westbrook has been one of the NFL's maximum prolific scorers in latest years. He glaringly has a knack for locating the stop zone, and but the Eagles didn't actually have him on the sector. mind boggling.

Their 2d experience became less bothersome as it was 1st and goal from the 9. it'll be tough for the Eagles to transform on too lots of those possibilities due to their lack of length on the receiver function. None of their receivers will come down with a soar ball and none of them are massive enough to head across the middle, take a lick, and hang on to the ball. (TE Cornelius Ingram become supposed to fill this role pretty properly, but his damage all through preseason left a void that the Eagles were unable to fill.) this is where the Eagles need to take gain of McNabb's athleticism. bare bootlegs, QB attracts, something to get him transferring a good way to in flip, put the protection on its heels. while the Eagles subsequently scored in the pink quarter on their final attempts, it wasn't due to the fact they did whatever in a different way. each known as plays failed, but McNabb stored each play alive till the protection broke down. as soon as the defense faltered, เว็บพนันพันทิป finding the open receiver become smooth due to the fact 11 sets of eyes had been right away centered on #five. Donovan McNabb is the Eagles' most risky crimson sector chance at this point of the season. They ought to use him like one and pressure the defense into mistakes.

The 0.33 failed purple sector strive was similar to the second. Too many bodies congested in a smaller place. The Eagles' smaller receivers cannot use their speed as a bonus right here. To become a greater rounded crew, the Eagles should expand an "in your face" going for walks assault. They without a doubt have the horses up the front to do so. The only query is, are there sufficient brains under the headsets to determine it out? to date, that answer is a powerful NO.

in spite of the red region struggles, I give this loss absolutely to the protection. injuries or no longer, their overall performance turned into dreadful. neglected tackles, stupid consequences, and thoughtless errors haunted the Eagles for a 2nd consecutive sport. To pinnacle all of it off, the protection couldn't get off the field inside the 4th zone…once more.

injuries at linebacker are starting to show. The Eagles had been run over on Sunday by way of one of the NFL's worst rushing assaults. The Eagles by some means managed to make a decrepit LaDanian Tomlinson look as though he regained his 2005 form. there is not anything more humiliating for a defense than no longer being able to forestall the run. it is extra than soccer, it's almost private. whilst you're getting run over, you're in reality getting beat mano a mano. The handiest component greater embarrassing, is failing to get a important forestall when the game is on the road. For a unit that prides itself on being imply and bodily, the Philadelphia protection is quite awful while push involves shove. equal to the 2008 NFC Championship sport, the defense best needed to make one prevent. On Sunday, they didn't get that forestall…3 one of a kind instances.

speakme of ineptitude, can we all agree that Asante Samuel is the most overvalued player at the Eagles? what number of ignored tackles and blown coverages does he total each week? it's ridiculous. Samuel became outsmarted through Philip Rivers on what was in the long run the game winning rating. FOX commentators attempted to present Samuel the gain of the doubt by means of asserting that he predicted safety assist over the pinnacle. Bull. Samuel wanted an interception and crashed the crossing routes assuming Rivers would not look deep. well, Rivers regarded deep and the most effective protection assistance Samuel had behind him changed into the safety protect out of doors the end sector. it is clean, Samuel covers like he tackles; eyes closed, wager and lunge.

As for the defensive miscues, rookie linebacker Moises Fokou turned into flagged for any other stupid 15 yard penalty that brought about the Chargers 1/3 touchdown of the day. no longer to be outdone, newly signed cornerback, Ramzee Robinson, become called offside on a vital third and a couple of. The protection just stopped Darren Sproles inside the backfield, which could have pressured the Chargers to kick a discipline intention to move up 24-nine. as a substitute, the Chargers had been GIVEN the first down and scored on the subsequent play. How does a cornerback get referred to as for offsides? I still haven't figured that one out. Of course, I can not overlook Asanta Samuel now not preventing via alternatives to stay on his guy on 3rd and a pair of. The Eagles actually wished the prevent right here. as opposed to preventing to live on his guy inside the first down marker, Samuel selected to run 6 yards downfield around the site visitors. once again, Rivers found Samuel's man and the Chargers were given the primary down. recreation Over.

As an Eagles' fan inside the Andy Reid generation, i have learned to tolerate numerous things; a 60-40 pass ratio, negative recreation control, and clearing of the throat each 9 seconds just to name some. but, i'm able to in no way tolerate embarrassing shielding performances. As depressing because the pink quarter offense become on Sunday, the defense lost the sport. somewhere, Jim Johnson is rolling over in his grave.

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