What to Look for in Hiring a Grant Writer

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What to Look for in Hiring a Grant Writer


There are 5 characteristics to consider when hiring a grant writer.

  1. Member of a Professional Association
    2. Training / education
    3. Experience
    4. Cost
    5. Relationship

The first item to check out is to see if the writer is a member of a professional grant writing or fundraising association. This will tell Freelance Grants Services you a lot about the grant writer. As a member of an association it will be easy for you to vet their credentials. Members of an association receive regular updates on changes in laws and trends within the industry. Most importantly, association members are aware of professional standards and ethics.

The next item is training. Has the writer received any formal training in the grant process or did they just start doing it as a hobby learning as they go? Many universities have added grant writing classes to their curriculum in the past decade. Professional associations are likely to offer training from more experienced professions as well as provide support long after the training class is over.

Third is experience. As with any profession the more experience a person has probably the better they are what they are doing. Years of experience can be one indicator, but more importantly the number and types of grants applied for during those years are more telling. For example, a writer who has worked on 40 or more grants in their first year will be more experienced than one who writes 3 grants a year for the past five years.

Another consideration is cost. The writer charging the most expensive fee is not necessarily the best and the one charging the lowest fees are not necessarily the worse. Grant writers should be paid a fair rate based on the estimated hours it takes them to complete all of the work. Ask the writer how many hours they are going to spend and divide that into their fee to get an estimate of the hourly rate. If that rate seems high get another offer. The maximum time a writer should spend on any project is about 40 hours.


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