Premium File Sharing Sites And How To Get Them For Free  

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Premium File Sharing Sites And How To Get Them For Free  

Okay, so we all like file sharing but the basic packages on most sites that offer file sharing can sometimes be downright frustrating. I want my files that day for the most part, not in 53 hours.   free premium themes plugins woocommerce      However, we hate paying fees associated with premium upgrades.

I have found a couple of ways to obtain a free premium account without so much as using a credit card to register for anything.

One method is too scan the forums and maybe, just maybe you might find someone who is willing to let you use their registration code. I don’t condone this. They’re mostly scamming you with a bad code in order to get you to register for something else. Besides it’s unethical and most likey illegal.

The other way is totally legal and requires a minimal amount of time on your part. As a matter of fact, if you’ve so much as clicked on any advertiser link where you were offered a free ipod or PS3 then you probably know the method. But don’t let that get your feathers ruffled, this is much simpler and more sure fire.

I’ve discovered an incentive site:, for one. This site and others allow you to select which file sharing site you want for free. They pretty much offer all the major ones: Rapidshare, Badongo, Megashare, etc. Then, fill out one registration to an ad. Something like a survey or a Netflix free trial. It takes about 5 minutes. Then just refer some friends. They will like the deal, too.


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