Moon in Leo & Saturn – Uranus Opposition & Venus

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Moon in Leo & Saturn – Uranus Opposition & Venus – Neptune Opposition Are the Highlights of the Day


The position of the Moon in the Lunar astrology is always setting the emotional tone for the two and a half days she is in one astrological sign per month. Following the Moon positions with Precizn Neptune awareness gives us options and choices for our life. Instead of just reacting to outer circumstances and promptings we can attune ourselves with the time quality of the moment and move in harmony with that flow.

Moon in Leo

After the Moon passed through Cancer with heightened sensitivity and focus onto our own little world and family, we are now nourished and ready to step into the world, show up with who we are. Leo is the sign of the kings and queens, the rulers of the world, of people who are willing to step into their power and express their own creative individuality. Leo people are generous with their affections and love to play. The heart is the seat of love and being the middle chakra between the three upper and three lower ones, it is attributed to the sign of Leo. It is the heart where we balance ourselves. Without love and the sense of connectedness there is no joy or happiness. Love is a basic need! If babies are not touched and hold with love, they will die. The level of opening of our heart is directly related to the level of joy we are able to feel.

I often hear from singles that they long for a loving partner in their live and there is great suffering in missing one. The significance of love in our life is obvious. So what can we do if we do not have the fulfillment of such a relationship?

Love is Guiding You

With Moon in Leo we have the strong support of courageously daring to expose ourselves in new ways. We can find new ways to be the love we are longing for. We can pray to find unlimited ways to be love, give love, do loving things and let love be the guiding force for decisions in our life. Whenever we are faced with a difficult decision we can ask ourselves the question – what would love do? This is a whole new platform to live your life from. I want to invite you for at least these three days to do this and watch what is happening in your life.

I promise you if you keep doing this, you will find that partner you are longing for and it will change the quality of the relationship you are in.

Flowering of the Heart

When the heart is opening, the intelligence of the heart is guiding the mind into proper actions and will create a joyful and successful life. We have been deeply conditioned with consumerism as a way to get joy and happiness and we think it will come from that thing we are yearning for. With all the economical challenges we are experiencing we better learn to find success and joy in different and new ways.

In my travels in India I was always amazed to see that so many people seemed to be much happier then in the western world. I saw women sitting in the dirt at the side of the street in Kerala hammering stones into smaller pieces for road building all day long and they had a smile on their face, waving to me.



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