What Women Don’t Want in a Man!

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What Women Don’t Want in a Man!


Being successful in the dating game is a lot easier when you know what woman DON’T want in a man. Why? Well it is actually pretty simple. Once you learn what turns them OFF you can focus on the opposite which will make them hot for you. Here is what    슈어맨   women never want in a guy.

“Going with the Flow”

Are you that really “chill” guy in the group that just goes with the flow? These are the guys that just go out and take things as they come. If their buddies want to hit up a lounge their response is most likely something along the lines of “sure man, I’m down for whatever”.

Well guess what? Being the ultimate “chill” guy will make you TONS of friends (that are guys). But I will tell you right now that this attitude will not get you women. This is because women want LEADERS. They want assertive men who make the decisions.

In other words, stop being a follower.

“You’re My Everything”

No doubt you have heard a line like this in almost every one of those “cute” boy band songs. Heck, almost every single pop genre song is around love. It’s all about the guy going to the ends of the earth for the woman of his dreams.

The newest song I just heard on the radio actually talks about a man who begins living on a street corner with the hope that his ex will miss him and come back to where they met!

This is all crap. Women are not looking for sweet/nice guys. They may SAY they are but they aren’t.

Cherishing Her

This one goes hand in hand with the above. You cannot cherish any single woman unless you have had sex with her at least once. Cherishing her is basically putting more value into her than all the other women. Which, no offense, is a pretty stupid thing to do unless you’re absolutely SURE that she wants you (you are never sure until you sleep with her).


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