How to Search For People in the USA  

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How to Search For People in the USA  

How many times have you lost touch with someone, to find that you have no way of finding their address or phone number. It can be frustrating because you can not remember their aliases or maiden names, or even their birth dates. It would help if you could   search an address in the USA    remember what business they were in, or if they owned property. That way you may find their address and phone history.

Then again you might be looking to find out some background information about someone. Whether they have criminal records, or if they are on any nationwide criminal record database. You could even be wishing to get a full background check on a prospective employee, or is it someone courting your daughter.

It is a field of expertise that the internet has opened to everyone with a computer, because if you can remember even small details about the person, you can narrow your search parameters. Think along these lines:

Can you remember any of their relatives & known associates?
Can you remember any roommates & neighbors?
Can you remember any marriages & divorces?
Do they have a website?
Is there a nationwide want or warrant?

So where do you start? Simple, just get a pen and paper and catalog all of the the little snippets of information you can remember. Then you start your search or background check, using the Internet’s vast arsenal of people information.


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