How to Find the Best Surgeons In Your Area

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How to Find the Best Surgeons In Your Area


Finding a primary care doctor isn’t that hard. You’ve had one for years and after that time knowing what doctor fits you is often a no-brainer. Even if your doctor retired or left for another job in another state, chances are you have an idea which doctor would be beneficial for you. But that is for aches and pains and annual check ups. What about    Ο καλυτεροσ γενικοσ χειρουργος    surgery? Do you have a surgeon’s number on speed dial? Probably not. In fact, until most people need a surgeon they’ve never actually met one.

So how do you go about finding a good surgeon for your medical condition outside of asking your primary care doctor who might have recommended the surgery or picking through a list of surgeons on your insurance plan? Depending on the medical condition, you are searching for a highly skilled service provider with whom you are entrusting your life. Medical professionals say take the time to perform proper due diligence so you will be comfortable with the caliber and quality of the surgeon you choose.

Referrals Are Good

The first thing to do is tap into the expertise of your primary care doctor and seek referrals. Family, friends and other healthcare providers can also offer recommendations. Research the doctors’ credentials and experience to narrow your list.

Research Credentials Thoroughly

Board certification is important. It provides you with what experience, training and skills the surgeon has completed. It also confirms that the general surgeon has no history of malpractice claims or disciplinary actions. The general surgeon’s medical school, training hospital, certifications and malpractice and disciplinary history can all be found.

Experience is Key

Make a point of knowing how many patients with your specific condition a surgeon has treated successfully. Ask how many of the procedures the doctors have performed and find out about complication rates. These are complications the doctor has encountered as well as our own risk of complications. When facing the potential need for surgery, experience matters.

Be Comfortable

Feeling comfortable with a doctor is often taken for granted. For instance, a surgeon’s gender might be a factor because you need to openly discuss personal information and would feel more at ease with someone of your own gender (or the opposite gender perhaps). Evaluate their communication and beliefs. If you want a surgeon who shows an interest in getting to know you and will respect your decision-making processes, then that’s the one for you.

Research Hospital Quality

Quality of care at the hospital where the surgeon works is vital. Medical professionals say patients at top-rated hospitals tend to have fewer complications and better survival rates. Location might be an issue, too, especially if you will have to make frequent trips post surgery.


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